4 Types Of People That Are Easy Targets For Narcissists

Are You A Target For Narcissists?

2 min readSep 18, 2022


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Types of people that are easy prey for the narcissists

i) Unhealed Co-dependents

Co-dependent people, usually have traits like fixing, rescuing, and enabling. All of these traits attract the narcissist in a dysfunctional way.

As co-dependent people are people pleasers and lack self-esteem, self-love, and healthy boundaries, they are easily manipulated and abused by narcissists.

ii) Unhealed Adult children of dysfunctional families

In other words, people who grew up in a household where alcoholism or other types of addiction was present. Especially, people who were neglected and suffered abandonment.

Also, people who suffered any type of abuse such as physical/ psychological/ emotional/ verbal/ spiritual/ sexual. The narcissist easily targets these individuals as they are more likely to tolerate the narcissistic abuse.

iii) Empathetic people

This type of people are sometimes unaware and lack knowledge about narcissistic abuse thus they can’t easily identify the red flags early on.
As empathetic people have loving and compassionate nature, it is tough for them to even think that someone can be hateful, deceitful, jealous, and manipulative as the narcissist.

This is why empathetic people usually don’t see it coming or even understand if they are being exploited by the narcissist.

iv) Achievers & hustlers

The narcissist is drawn to these people to fulfill their interests mostly. Usually, narcissists associate with these individuals just to improve their image and social status.

Another reason narcissists feel insecure about themselves. This is why they envy the potential qualities of achievers.

Final Thoughts

If you possess any of the above traits or even some of them you can be easily targeted by the narcissist. Especially, if you are doing good in your life in terms of…



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