4 Things That Bug The Crap Out Of INTJs

Things That Are Never fun For An INTJ

2 min readSep 25, 2022


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Think you know what’s annoying to an INTJ? Think again. But if you want to guess, check out the following things that annoy INTJs:

i) Nonsensical conversationsSome people don’t know how to get to the point rather they would talk nonsense that doesn’t convey any point. Also, some people have trouble following clear-cut instructions even after being repeatedly explained.

ii) Energy vampires These types of people are toxic and manipulative. They mostly like engaging in emotional dramas, gaslighting, projecting, and other toxic behaviors. INTJ prefers to stay far away from any energy vampires.

iii) Noisy environments — INTJs mostly prefer calm and peaceful surroundings where they can think and contemplate various things. So, don’t drag an INTJ to parties and crowded social events unless they want to.

iv) Fake people — INTJs can see right through their phony image and deception. Fake people can hardly fool INTJs as they mostly rely on their logical and analytical side to judge any situation or person.

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