4 Things Psychology Can Tell You About Someone Just By Looking At Them

The Revealing Things You Can Learn About Someone

2 min readNov 23, 2022


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i) Punctuality

I can’t remember when I was late for something. Even if I want to, I just can’t.

Someone’s punctuality can reveal a lot about their personality type. If someone is punctual and always reaches on time everywhere, it shows that person has an assertive, competitive and goal-oriented type of personality (Type A).

On the contrary, if someone is reaching late everywhere, it means that person has an adaptable, easygoing and laid-back kind of personality (Type B).

ii) Eating habits

Someone’s eating habits show how that person likes to live their life. For instance, people who are slow eaters tend to appreciate life and prefer to be in control. Fast eaters on the other hand competitive, bold and impulsive.

So what about the picky eaters? They tend to be neurotic in various aspects of life.

Whereas, there are people who like to separate food from their plates like me. This type of person is usually organized and detail-oriented.

iii) Inbox organization

The inbox of a person can show whether that person is controlling or not. For instance, if someone likes to organize their email after receiving them, it shows they want to control and balance their life.

On the other hand, some people like me prefer to save emails after reading them. It is fine to save important emails if you need them later. Well, this type of person has a perfectionist nature.

Last but not least, people who prefer to read, organize and delete emails. These people are more likely to get overwhelmed or confused.

iv) Music interest

Someone’s taste in music says a lot about that person. For example, someone who likes listening to introspective kind of music is bold, innovative and thinks very highly of themselves.

On the contrary, if someone enjoys mainstream and upbeat music, they are most likely to be athletic and believe they are physically appealing.



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