4 Psychological Tricks To Improve Your Communication & Relationships With Others

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2 min readNov 16, 2022


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We can’t deny in our personal and professional life, communication plays an important role. And now and then, we all experience some challenges when it comes to interpersonal communication.

This is why we can apply some of these psychological techniques to develop effective communication in our personal and professional arena. For instance,

i) If you receive a poor response, make eye contact with the person

During any interaction, if you are not satisfied with the response or didn’t understand it, you can look the person in the eye. Rather than asking the question again, you can apply this tactic. The person will feel cornered or pressurized and will eventually be compelled to clarify more on their views.

ii) When someone yells at you, remain composed

You have to try hard to keep your cool in this kind of situation. Usually, this type of incident occurs because the other person is angry. It also could be the person was somehow triggered by your behaviour unintentionally. In terms of emotions like anger, it normally passes quickly and later on, the angry person feels guilty for their actions and apologizes.

iii) Remember everyone’s name if you want to gain popularity

Among your peers, you can practice addressing people by their first name especially when you are interacting with them. It will automatically help you to gain the respect of that person. Because when you address someone by their first name they feel special right away.

iv) To prevent being attacked, you can sit next to the assertive person

If you are attending a professional meeting and you are expecting that the other person might be aggressive, the interactions will be confrontational, or you might be criticized, then try to sit next to that person. It can be a bit uneasy to sit close to them, but it decreases the amount of hostility they intend to use



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