4 Assertive Ways To Deal With The Manipulators

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3 min readOct 6, 2022


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1. Defend yourself by learning

You will not able to defend yourself properly unless you don’t know what you are fighting. As there is a phrase “Forewarned is forearmed” and you can do this by learning and gaining knowledge about what you are dealing with.

If you are dealing with a manipulator then keep yourself updated with knowledge of the psychological manipulation of liars, manipulators, and con artists.

2. Going No Contact

This is one of the best strategies. If you are somehow able to detect any manipulator, you have to distance yourself as soon as possible. And if possible you have to completely cut ties with the manipulator.

Also, if you and the manipulator are in the same social circle, try to find out which person in the circle they might use to manipulate you. You have to figure out who is that person and distance yourself from them too.

3. Establish firm boundaries

If you are unable to employ the “no contact” strategy then you have to maintain strong boundaries. The manipulators often try to push your boundaries to get what they want and sometimes they might even use superficial charm.

No matter what kind of technique the manipulator employs you can not make any exception for them. If they are trying to dominate you in the conversation, tell them directly that it is hard for you to communicate with them as they interrupt you. Or, tell them that you will continue the conversation some other time.

If they are behaving rudely and arrogantly, tell them if they want to communicate they need to be respectful toward you, or else you are not interested in the communication.

4. Maintaining composure

Sometimes it is tough to maintain composure especially if you know the other person is trying to manipulate and provoke you. There will be some situations where you might not be able to avoid interaction with the manipulator.

In those situations, you have to stay calm and avoid showing any emotional reaction. The manipulator even tries to provoke you by…




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