3 Reasons Why Manipulative Behavior Persists

Signs Of Manipulative Behavior: How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You

2 min readDec 18, 2022
Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

A person can use manipulation either deliberately or unconsciously. As manipulation is a human tendency, everyone is guilty of engaging in it at some point.

So, how can you identify manipulative behaviour? Let’s find out some of the obvious signs of manipulation:

  • Someone taking advantage of your vulnerabilities for their personal benefit
  • Influencing someone to disregard important persons in their lives to lure the person into a co-dependent relationship.
  • Concealing the truths, making false accusations and criticizing you without accepting responsibility for their behaviour.
  • Someone who continuously criticizes or makes fun of you, whether in public or privately. They purposely make you feel insecure
  • When any confrontation occurs, they use gaslighting
  • Behave in a passive-aggressive way rather than showing their concerns

In short, people who use manipulation techniques, usually lack healthy boundaries and have a hard time expressing their needs. This is why they employ manipulation strategies to deceive the other person into giving…




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