3 Interesting Things You Can Tell About Someone Just By Looking At Them

These three things disclose a lot about a person

2 min readJul 3, 2022


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i) Punctuality and Timeliness:

If someone is punctual in everything, it implies the person has a “Type A” personality and may appear as an ambitious, combative, assertive, and goal-oriented type of person.

Whereas, if someone is not much punctual and preferably late in everything, might have a “Type B” personality. These individuals may possess a liberal, mellow and overall laid-back kind of attitude.

ii) Eating Habits:

People who like to eat slowly tend to be in control of their emotions, and they appreciate everything in their life. On the other hand, first eaters are most likely to possess an ambitious, bold, and impatient kind of nature. People who prefer to separate the food on their plates tend to be more disciplined and detail-oriented

iii) Organization of Inbox:

People who like to keep their e-mails organized way are most likely to be controlling. They prefer to have control and do things planned and orderly in their lives.

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