2 Attachment Styles And Their Texting Habits

What Texting Habits Say About Someone’s Attachment Style

2 min readNov 26, 2022


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The way of someone’s texting or texting habits can reveal that person’s attachment style.

According to Dr Romanoff, someone’s anxious or avoidant attachment style can influence their texting habit and texting compatibility with their partner. For instance,

Anxious Attachment Style

People with this attachment style like to use texting to feel close to their partner and to feel safe in the relationship. They view texting as a tool to strengthen their connection.

Besides, their texting assures them that everything is going smoothly in their relationship. In other words, texting provides them with concrete evidence that their partner values them.

So, if their partner doesn’t reply to their messages, they feel rejected or become worried about where their relationship stands. They might even think that their partner is avoiding them or somehow is upset with them. They might even get anxious if they don’t receive any reply from their partner.

Avoidant Attachment Style

People with this attachment style prefer to have freedom and diversity. It means they value their independence. This is why they don’t like constant communication with their partner and prefer to have their own life and identity outside the relationship with their partner.

For this reason, people with an avoidant attachment style might feel overloaded or agitated if their partner continuously texts them throughout the day. They might even perceive their partner as overbearing and clingy also may feel smothered by them.

Textual compatibility comes down to the amount of fusion or differentiation partners are seeking in their relationship.


Final Takeaways

Textual compatibility can show someone’s compatibility with their partner. A partner who excessively texts can be unnerving whereas, a partner who messages rarely can be daunting. Thus…



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